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I’ve written over 200 stories for Easy Stories in English over the past five years. In my time as a teacher, I’ve worked with over 300 learners of all ages from all around the world. For me, the most important thing is to make learning English fun, and through my storytelling and performance, I’m confident that I can make anyone smile!

Of course, it’s hard to have fun when you’re stressed, nervous or have had bad learning experiences in the past. I’m aware of all the difficulties that students can face when learning a language – I speak eight languages myself, so I know how hard it is! I try to make my classes as relaxed and welcoming as possible, and together we can work through the problems that are preventing you from improving.

This video shows some of the different ways I teach:

Don’t believe me? Here’s what some past students have to say about my teaching:

June from Thailand says: Spending an hour with Ariel can feel like 10 mins! Personally, It doesn’t take long to warm up to our discussion — it’s so fun, organic and easygoing. Ariel is a good storyteller and have a lot to share about British culture.

Annette from the United States says: Ariel is the most fun that anyone could have while learning a language! Whether it’s writing a story together, figuring out what’s happening  in a series of still-shots or just chatting this is the instructor for you! I have learned so much on a contextual basis by USING the language. Try a lesson with Ariel! OH, the fun you’ll have…

Naoko from Japan says: Ariel’s lesson is really great. He is always kind and has a lot of topics, so I don’t need to worry about what should I speak. I’d like to speak more fluently and have more conversations with him. It motivates me to learn English more.

Some of the stories on this very show were written with my students! Have a listen to The Paper Man to get an idea of the crazy and fun stories we’ll write together.

Frequent Questions

How many students will there be?

There will just be one student: you! The classes take place on Zoom or Google Meet. We can use whichever application you prefer. I create class documents on Google Docs and share them with you, but if you don’t use Google Docs, I can also send them as word documents or PDFs after class.

I’m worried you will talk too fast and I won’t understand!

This is a very understandable worry. It’s horrible being in a language class where you can’t understand the teacher! But that’s what makes these classes great: I will change how fast I talk and the words I use so that you ALWAYS understand. If you don’t understand me, I will change my language until it is at the perfect level – easy to understand, but still challenging!

Will I get homework?

Only if you want to! I always say to students: the best ‘homework’ is reading and listening to things you enjoy in English outside of class! In the story classes, I provide optional homework. I use a website called Textivate which takes the story we wrote and turns it into some activities you can do on your computer, tablet or phone. Some students love it, some prefer to read a book or listen to a podcast instead!

Can we do something other than writing stories or talking?

Absolutely! I am always happy to try out new things with different students. I have worked on fiction writing skills (story structure) with students, translation, essay writing and so on. But my specialisation is stories! Also, I don’t do classes completely focussed on grammar, because I think it is boring, but more importantly, according to the science of language acquisition, it isn’t effective!