I am currently taking a break from teaching. I may return in June 2023 or later. You can find information below about what my classes are like if you want to take classes with me after my break.

Want to write your own stories with me? Want to practise your conversational skills in a relaxed, fun environment? Want to know more about the way I teach?

How about a class with ME, Ariel Goodbody? In my online classes I write stories with students, chat, laugh and get very, very silly. Here’s my introduction video that explains a bit about the way I teach:

I’ve taught over 180 students on italki, and I’d love for you to be one of them. I have great fun teaching listeners of the podcast, and we write really fantastic stories together that are perfect for your level.

Don’t believe me? Some of the stories on this very show were written with my students! Have a listen to The Paper Man to get an idea of the crazy and fun stories we’ll write together.

Or, if you want to see EXACTLY how it works, check out this video of one of my live streams, where I wrote a story with all of you.

Frequent Questions

How many people will be in the class? Where will it happen?

There will just be one student: you! The classes take place on Skype, Zoom or italki classroom (like Skype but on their website). We can use whichever application you prefer. I create class documents on Google Docs and share them with you, but if you don’t use Google Docs, I can also send them as word documents or PDFs after class.

I’m worried you will talk too fast and I won’t understand!

This is a very understandable worry. It’s horrible being in a language class where you can’t understand the teacher! But that’s what makes these classes great: I will change how fast I talk and the words I use so that you ALWAYS understand. If you don’t understand me, I will change my language until it is at the perfect level – easy to understand, but still challenging!

Will I get homework?

Only if you want to! I always say to students: the best ‘homework’ is reading and listening to things you enjoy in English outside of class! That could be Easy Stories in English, for example 😉 In the story classes, I provide optional homework. I use a website called Textivate which takes the story we wrote and turns it into some activities you can do on your computer, tablet or phone. Some students love it, some prefer to read a book instead! If you support on the Patreon, you will already know how these exercises work.

Can we do something other than writing stories or talking?

Absolutely! I also teach an IELTS writing class, and I am happy to try out new things with different students. I have worked on fiction writing skills (story structure) with students, translation, essay writing and so on. But my specialisation is stories! Also, I don’t do classes completely focussed on grammar, because I think it is boring, but more importantly, according to the science of language acquisition, it isn’t effective!

How much does it cost?

It is free to sign up to italki, and the classes are $30 an hour. You can get 15% off by booking a 5-class package.

Do you do other languages?

Yes! I also teach Spanish and Esperanto using the same methods. I really love teaching other languages, and the experience is quite different, as I focus on Spanish and Esperanto-culture a lot while teaching 😄

So what are you waiting for? Go and book a class with me today! I can’t wait to teach you 😇