Folk tale

Steal from the Rich and Give to the Poor

Juraj Jánošík was a young man. He grew up in a small villege in Slovakia. His mother died giving birth to him, so his father looked after him.
When Juraj turned eighteen, he went to war.
‘Do not worry, Father,’ he said, ‘I will not be gone long.’
But he was at war for three years, and during that time there were three cold winters and three hot summers. Juraj’s father was old and alone, and he had nobody to look after him. When Juraj finally came home from war, his father was dead.

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The Little Frog with the Big Mouth (Beginner)

Once there was a little frog. He lived in the forest next to a river. He was very small, about the size of a tennis ball. But his mouth was very big. When he smiled, his smile went from one ear to the other. Everyone called him the Little Frog with the Big Mouth.

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