Vocabulary: Hare

The Elephant and the Hare (Intermediate)

An elephant is travelling to meet his family, bringing delicious honey as a gift. He stops to give a hare a ride over the river, but the hare smells the honey and can’t resist just having a taste…

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The Rabbit Man

Heorhiy lives happily as a peasant, but one day a rich man comes to his house and tells him he has a family debt. Heorhiy works three years to pay it off, but the rich man doesn’t want to let him go, so he thinks of a way to trick him…

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The Elephant and the Hare

Once there was a group of elephants. They were going to visit their family, and they wanted to bring them honey. So they went and collected honey, and started walking.
On the road, they came across a hare. The hare wanted to go across a river, but the water was too deep.

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