Vocabulary: Chapel

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Parts 1 & 2

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table lIve peacefully at Camelot. But on New Year’s eve, a terrible knight rides into the castle, made entirely of green. He gives them a challenge: a man must come and attack him with his axe, and if the Green Knight survives, he will attack the man in a year and a day. Arthur’s nephew, Gawain, accepts the challenge, but things are not as they seem…

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The Shadow Club #4: Hunting for Shadows

‘Hey, what are you three losers up to?’
I turned around. Bethany was standing right next to us. She was the only girl in our team, and none of the other boys liked her very much. Sure, when we were on the field, we were a team, but it was strange when you were hanging out with other boys, and then suddenly there was a girl there. And she wasn’t like the other girls in our year, either.

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