Vocabulary: Bench

The Shadow Club #4: Hunting for Shadows

‘Hey, what are you three losers up to?’
I turned around. Bethany was standing right next to us. She was the only girl in our team, and none of the other boys liked her very much. Sure, when we were on the field, we were a team, but it was strange when you were hanging out with other boys, and then suddenly there was a girl there. And she wasn’t like the other girls in our year, either.

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The Mermaid of Zennor

One day, the mysterious woman noticed Mathew. After church ended, she smiled at him, and looked at the door. He followed her, and this time she walked slowly, so that he did not lose her. However, he could still not work up the courage to walk beside her.
Finally, she came to the cliffs that overlooked the ocean. Mathew went and stood beside her, and they talked for a while.

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