Vocabulary: Tail

The Shadow Club #6: Just a Stick

‘Y-yeah, I… Oh no!’
He turned around suddenly, and started shaking with fear. I looked where he was looking, and there it was.
The shadow was long, tall and thin, like a snake standing on its tail.

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The Mermaid of Zennor

One day, the mysterious woman noticed Mathew. After church ended, she smiled at him, and looked at the door. He followed her, and this time she walked slowly, so that he did not lose her. However, he could still not work up the courage to walk beside her.
Finally, she came to the cliffs that overlooked the ocean. Mathew went and stood beside her, and they talked for a while.

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A Rather Large Cat

‘Kitty, pretty kitty!’ cried one of the trolls. ‘Does kitty want a sausage?’
The “kitty” did not want a sausage. The kitty wanted to get a good night’s sleep, after so much travelling, and had no plans of eating anyone. But when he turned over and saw the troll holding a fork with a sausage on it, his stomach started to rumble.
So the polar bear jumped out and bit the sausage, but he also bit the troll’s arm with it!

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