Vocabulary: Drown

The Three Goats

Three goats live happily in a field eating grass. But one day, there’s no more grass. They decide to cross a bridge to another field. But when they try to cross, a monster jumps out, and he wants to eat them!

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The Piper of Hamelin (Beginner)

Rats come to the town of Hamelin, three times as big as normal rats. The townspeople don’t know what to do. But then a piper comes to town and says he can get rid of the rats with his music. The only problem? The price! But when the mayor refuses to pay him, the piper plays a different kind of music…

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The Crying Woman

Once, there was a woman called Inmaculada. Her friends called her Inma. She lived in a village in Mexico. Inmaculada was indigenous, and her mother and father died when she was very young. She was poor, and she washed clothes for other people in the village. She wanted to leave the village and travel the world, but she thought it would never happen.

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