Vocabulary: Sneak

The Path of Pins and Needles

Red loves playing tricks on the adults in her village, so one day her mother sends her to bring bread and milk to her grandmother. On the way, Red meets a strange man, Wolf, who suggests they play a game: he’ll walk the path of pins, she’ll walk the path of needles, and they’ll see who gets to Grandmother’s house first. But when Red arrives, she finds something very different to what she expected.

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Misty the Snake

Why could nobody understand it? I loved Marmite, and so did my pet snake, Misty. Well, she wasn’t my pet. She was my ex-boyfriend’s. But I loved her more than him.
And she loved me, too. As soon as that letter had come through the door, I knew it. I was her real owner. Not my ex.

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Stalking is For Girls, Too

CLANG! The gate to the car park closed behind Bella. She was trapped.
She had gone past the apartment building on her day off work. She had had one date with the man, but she was impatient. She just wanted to look at him through the window, because she couldn’t stop thinking about him. But his curtains had been closed, so she decided to sneak into the car park so she could do… something? Break into his car and leave him a love letter? She didn’t know what she was doing.

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