Vocabulary: Belly

The Hunt

You have nowhere else to go. Beth left. Kai attacked. Faruq crashed. You hid. So one day, you go to that place you’ve heard about, where you can buy a certain drug. It’s a crazy idea, but maybe you’ll feel less lonely. Your cat is your only friend left, after all.

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Butcher Boy George

As he walked through the shadows of the trees, he saw an orange glow in the distance, shining like a star. It was a fire, and at once he headed towards it, as his feet were cold and his belly was empty.
‘But wait!’ thought Butcher Boy George. ‘What if that fire was built by evil thieves, who wish to beat me and rob me in the night? I cannot fall for such a trap!’
Of course, Butcher Boy George could have easily beaten any thief with just his pinky finger, but he had never been outside his village before, so he thought the thieves in this part of the land might be as strong as mountains.

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