Vocabulary: Needle

Doggo and Kitty Tear Their Trousers (Advanced)

It’s a lovely day, and Doggo and Kitty go for a walk in the forest. But when Doggo gets into a fight with a rabbit, he tears his trousers, and now everyone is laughing at him! How can they mend his trousers when they’re just a dog and a cat?

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The Spider’s Thread (Pre-Intermediate)

Kandata was an evil thief when was alive, and now he lives in Hell. Buddha remembers a time when Kandata did good, and decides to give him a chance to show that he isn’t truly evil. Will Kandata become good, or is he simply a bad person?

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Dear Heart Chapter 4

Our classes are over. Clearly, you’re doing fine without me, and I’ll just break your ‘nice pen’ if you try to help me. We’re colleagues, anyway. Let’s keep it that way.
The handwriting was completely different, back to being a drunken spider, and it only got messier as my tears fell on the page.

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