Vocabulary: Evil

The Spider’s Thread (Pre-Intermediate)

Kandata was an evil thief when was alive, and now he lives in Hell. Buddha remembers a time when Kandata did good, and decides to give him a chance to show that he isn’t truly evil. Will Kandata become good, or is he simply a bad person?

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The Shadow Club #8: Ready to Fight

The door to the classroom opened, and we all turned around. Mr Burne stood there. Then he saw Bethany, who was still holding his notebook in the air like, well, like a weapon. She gasped, but it was like she couldn’t move. None of us could move. For a moment, I wondered if Mr Burne’s hair was going to fall out, or if he would shout at us. But he just walked over, took the notebook out of Bethany’s hands, and threw it in the bin.
‘Get out,’ he said. ‘Now.’

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Molly had always been a clever girl. As a child, whenever her mother asked her to do work, she always found some way to get out of it. Either she got someone else to do the work for her, or she made it look like she had done it when really she hadn’t. And whenever her mother found out what she had done, Molly was nowhere to be found.

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